Jailbreak your iDevice so it can connect to the SmartScope

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Unfortunately, Apple only certifies devices which connect to, and only to, iDevices. Since we targeted the SmartScope to be compatible with a large number of popular platforms, it was impossible to obtain iOS certification. Hence, before our app can connect to the SmartScope, the software protection that Apple has put on top of its USB chips needs to be removed. This is done using a so-called Jailbreak.

Even though the tonality of the word Jailbreak doesn't suggest so, it is a legal operation. Basically, you bought your iDevice and you're free to decide what you do with it. As long as you're not using it to infringe any copyrights, such as duplicating copyrighted music or software.

Because those devices would otherwise become too slow, Apple has given put a limit on some older devices to which version of iOS they can be upgraded. As such, you'll need to first find out which iOS version is running on your iDevice, and use the software linked to below to apply the jailbreak.

This procedure should take around 5 minutes. As is the case for any device containing professional documents or personal data like pictures, it is best practice to first make a backup of your device before you apply the jailbreak.

iOS version Jailbreak link
iOS 6.x Evaders for iOS 6.x
iOS 7.0.x Evaders for iOS 7.0.x
iOS 7.1.x Pangu for iOS 7.1.x
iOS 8.x Pangu for iOS 8