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ADC resolution - voltage dividing/multiplying stageAdvanced triggering options
Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG)Audio Scope
Calibrating the probesChangelogChanging the appearance of the app
Connect the SmartScope to a Linux boxConnect the SmartScope to a MacConnect the SmartScope to a Windows pc
Connect the SmartScope to an Android phone/tabletConnect the SmartScope to an iOS phone/tabletConnectors pinout
Controlling your SmartScope from LabViewControlling your SmartScope from MatlabCrash Reports
Creating your own OperatorCreating your own Protocol DecoderCue card
CursorsCustom probes
Diezel SunDigital Waveform GeneratorFFT
First aid kitGetting started on AndroidGetting started on Linux
Getting started on OSXGetting started on WindowsGetting started on iOS
High speed signals - Peak Detect Acquisition - Ecquivalent Time SamplingHost system requirementsHowTo: Debugging and decoding your digital communication using the SmartScope as Logic Analyser
Howto VideosInstall SmartScope on iOS with CydiaInstall the SmartScope software on Android
Install the SmartScope software on OSXInstall the SmartScope software on UbuntuInstall the SmartScope software on Windows
Jailbreak your iDevice so it can connect to the SmartScopeKeeping your software updatedKeyboard shortcuts
Known issuesLeft-handed mouse patchLogic Analyser
Logic Analyzer functionalityMain PageMain menu
MeasurementsMixed modeOscilloscope functionality
Panorama (RAM zoom) functionalityProbes: x1 or x10 modusRecording data to disk
Reference wavesRemove the SmartScope software on UbuntuSandbox
SmartScope - Debug checklistSmartscope WiFi BridgeSources
Suggestion boxUsing the OperatorsUsing the Protocol Decoders
Using the smartscope on the networkXY Mode