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Suggestion (software) Origin
FFT only on viewport (subsection of panorama) [1]
Support for current probes [2]
High-resolution multimeter mode (by changing offset voltage) [3]
Data logger functionality [4]
Possibility to switch off peak detect Vainney
Average instead of peak detect Vainney
Support for 20x attenuators Vainney
Numpad: highlight value instead of removing it Ger
Documentation on USB protocol sigrok
After fetching RAM data: also update Panorama sigrok
Save decoder configuration [5]
Save and recall entire configuration [6]
Remove sliders and replace by numpads Karsten
Show preview of AWG function to upload Karsten
Save - replay functionality Robert
Frequency response tool [7]
Android keyboard support [8]
In-app decoder output listing [9]
On adding decoder: suggest to switch to require trigger or single trigger mode [10]
Cursors in FFT window. [11][12]
Record digital waveforms and reproduce them using digi-out [13]
Mac users - keyboard and mouse [14]
possibility to give a name to the channels like "CLK, status, CE_N, ..." [15]
digi trigger through context menu [16]
save LA settings (trigger condition, arrangement of the channe) [17]
Re-arrange AWG menu [18]
save settings every minute or so [19]
Display measurements for digiwaves [20]
AWG defaulted to a DC offset of 0V, 3V P-P, and 1kHz so it can be used for probe comp [21]
Ensure lowest CPU consumption when acquisition is stopped [22]
Changing Colors for each channel would be a nice feature as well. [23][24]
what if we could customise the colours of grid, channels and background? [25]
ability to load the saved CSV and MAT files and view the waveform on the Smartscope GUI, so we can zoom in and out to the voltage and time scale [26]
highlight the actual points taken (digitized) on the display waveform [27]
scroll on the mouse to cycle through the logic analyser trigger condition [28]
Hover+scroll wheel changes trigger options [29]
Android touch button equiv of page up/dn and home end: [30]
AWG takes HEX values rather than voltages [31]
Digital output linked to AWG waveform [32]
a package for the Raspberry Pi 2 running the default raspberry pi 2 Linux distribution [33]
convert Operator wave into reference wave [34]
Show AC/DC and trigger edge in bubble (same as x10) [35]
ability to turn off mousewheel [36]
ping-pong memory architecture [37]
duplex 4wire SPI output [38]
mode: fix trigger position [39]
measurement: low and high period time [Mail Tom]
trigger counter [40]
Suggestion (hardware) Origin
How about a nice fabric bag with a zipper, or better yet a clear one [41]

Suggestions which helped improving our app!

Suggestion Origin
Edge counter between cursors Vainney
X-Y mode [42]
Reference waveform [43]
I2C decoder: show W/R in address block Yentel
Need better FFT pan/zoom support [44]
Get that External trigger pin going [45]
xth pulse triggering, pulse width triggering [46]
independent analog channel triggering [47]
time based triggering to analog channels [48]
More complex trigger (hf reject etc) [49]
save contents of RAM to disk [50]
itd be nice if there was a record setting for just one screens worth. [51]
select max outliers to display on grid while subsampling on fpga [52]
"persistence" mode that would superimpose a number of traces on top of each other [53]
extend decoders so they can generate a new waveform [54]
Improve cursor contrast [55]
Utra hi speed mode, trace acumulation, persistance [56]
Option to invert analogwaves/digiwaves [57] [58]
Make analog indicators docable the same way as the digital indicators are [59]
Make height of indivisual graphs adjustable by dragging center bar [60]
Option to 'unpower' AWG in analog mode [61]
Sliders: numeric pad for exact value input [62]
Show deltas of last 2 vertical and last 2 horizontal cursors [63]
flash single/require trigger while not receiving data
there would be value in having a "Power OK" light or indication, even if it's back through software, that acceptable power is present. [64]
allow 10ns/div [65]
key auto-repeat [66]
Right click or long press sets trigger to left 10% position [67]
UART decoder [68]
semi-automatic time measurement feature [69]
Would be nice to turn off channels not being used in the LA. [70]
Sample on how to control digital outputs from Matlab Jacobus
Individual pins can't be hidden (as in o-scope) giving no screen space for the bus itself [71]

Suggestions we believed didn't really fit in our idea of a perfect SmartScope

Suggestion Origin
Scaling: window popup with the "canonical" time base or volt per division value [72]
scroll causes voltage zoom, shift-scroll for time-zoom (opposite of today) [73]