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* [[Getting started on Android]]
* [[Getting started on Android]]
* [[Getting started on iOS]]
* [[Getting started on iOS]]
* Windows
** [[Install the SmartScope software on Windows]]
** [[Connect the SmartScope to a Windows pc]]
** [[Install the SmartScope software on OSX]]
** [[Connect the SmartScope to a Mac]]
* Linux
** [[Install the SmartScope software on Ubuntu]]
** [[Remove the SmartScope software on Ubuntu]]
** [https://www.lab-nation.com/forum/software/topics/installing-smartscope-on-fedora-linux Install the SmartScope software on Fedora]
** [[Connect the SmartScope to a Linux box]]
**  [http://magazine.odroid.com/assets/201503/pdf/ODROID-Magazine-201503.pdf Getting the SmartScope software running on ARM-based systems (pages 27-31 in this pdf)]
* Android
** [https://www.lab-nation.com/faq/27 Is my Android device compatible?]
** [[Install the SmartScope software on Android]]
** [[Connect the SmartScope to an Android phone/tablet]]
* iOS
** [[Install SmartScope on iOS with Cydia]]
** [[Connect the SmartScope to an iOS phone/tablet]]
==Software User Manual==
==Software User Manual==

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Demonstration mode

All of our software installations contain a demonstration mode, which is automatically activated in case no SmartScope is connected. This allows everyone to evaluate the software. Simply grab our installer from our download page and give it a spin!

Installing the software and connecting the SmartScope

Software User Manual

(2015/11/12 - This section is being rewritten to reflect changes in the latest software version)