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(Already included in the betas)
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===Currently implementing===
===Currently implementing===
* [All] Fixing bugs/inconsistencies reported in forum from since  
* [All] Fixing bugs/inconsistencies reported in forum from since  
* [XP] Ironing out last bugs before including XP support in main release system
===Already [https://www.lab-nation.com/package included in the betas]===
v0.4.1.0 was just released on Sept 29th!
* [iOS] back in build cycle
== and
* [XP] Windows XP build fix

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Currently implementing

  • [All] Fixing bugs/inconsistencies reported in forum from since

  • [iOS] back in build cycle and

  • [XP] Windows XP build fix

  • [All] FFT: now possible to select Window type
  • [XP] Added WindowsGL to beta build system
  • [All] More intuitive ways to close the main menu (clicking outside window, on bottom area of menu, etc)

  • [All] FFT: all settings stored in between sessions
  • [All] FFT: labels at major gridlines for freqgraph
  • [All] FFT: support for RAMfetch giving much finer detail
  • [All] FFT: voltAxis supports Voltage or dB mode
  • [All] FFT: freqAxis supports linear or logarithmic mode
  • [All] FFT: Additional grid available in Analog mode
  • [All] Added support for /100 input probes (or /10 attenuator with /10 probe)
  • [All] Fixed odd behaviour where switching between rolling and normal mode caused hickups
  • [All] Bugfix: Vertical cursors are not drawn over Panorama anymore

  • [All] Disabled/Enabled settings of digital channels are saved between sessions
  • [All] LA channels are now hideable, moving them to bottom-right of screen
  • [All] Mixed mode: time cursors belong to specific grid, but timebar shared among analog and digital grid
  • [All] Mixed mode: dual-grid view for Mixed mode
  • [All] Mixed mode: clean separation in Analog, Digital and Mixed mode
  • [All] Bugfixes: context menu not drawn over main menu, cursors not drawn underneath digiwaves, analog waves not drawn over panorama
  • [All] Toucheable areas of indicators no longer overlap each other
  • [All] Bugfix: Large analog waves no longer overlap with Panorama
  • [All] App now tries to map correct signals to decoders automatically
  • [All] New decoder: UART/RS232 by Robert44
  • [All] Horizontal and vertical zooming/panning can also be done on NumPad keys
  • [All] First version of the Auto-Arrange feature
  • [All] First version of combined Analog + Digital mode
  • [All] Vertical pinching doesn't change the offset anymore unless it's really intended
  • [Win] Bugfix: Protection agains rare GUI lockup caused by mousescrolls
  • [All] Bugfix: empty decoders draw at least a flat line
  • [All] Decoders input waves can now be optional (just declare input type as nullable)
  • [All] New decoder Digital Bus: convert up to 8 inputs into decimal/hex/bin/ascii value
  • [All] Possibility to define the thickness of all waves, to increase their visibility on hi-res screens
  • [All] Merge Logic Analyser and scope view
  • [All] Allow storage of entire acquisition when pressing record while scope is stopped and entire acquisition was transferred to host
  • [All] Save decoder output to CSV from decoder's context menu

  • [All] Support for production batch A16

  • [All] Support for production batch A15

  • [All] Mouse scroll on panorama now also focuses viewport on cursor location
  • [All] Mouse scroll now zooms in same direction for mainGraph and panorama
  • [All] Mouse scroll now zooms on center of screen while running; zooms on pointer when stopped
  • [All] Various crashfixes for decoders
  • [All] Mousing over LA wave automatically shows intervals
  • [All] Intervals can be always shown, or only when wave is activated
  • [All] Edge-to-edge interval indication in LA mode
  • [Windows] Mouse events are no longer captured when other windows are on top
  • [Windows] Solved smearing issue on DirectX-systems (finally!)
  • [All] Auto trigger lock is independent of sample frequency (used to double as sample frequency halfs)
  • [All] Basic numpad input for sliders (double click to get numpad). Still working on graphics and keyboard input. Only mouse/touch for now

  • [All] First implementation of the RAM Fetch mechanism (with a few drawbacks left unattended)
  • [All] Moving the deltacursor moves both parents as well
  • [All] Cursors can be referenced to waves or to screen
  • [All] Protocol decoders: decoded values can be translated to ASCII chars
  • [All] Bugfix: large Context dropdown menus no longer go out of screen
  • [All] Bugfix: changing GUI size while context menus are open no longer causes a crash
  • [All] Tapping vertical Delta indicator causes it to switch between time/freq indication
  • [All] Tapping indicators causes them to attract delta cursor
  • [All] Horizontal and Vertical Delta cursors display difference between 2 last regular cursors
  • [Win,OSX,Lin] Support for long keypresses
  • [All] Mouseclicks also detected when clicked while mouse was moving
  • [All] Protocol decoders: source channels name shown in indicator
  • [All] Protocol decoders: plugin-based auto-detection
  • [All] Protocol decoders: parameter architecture + selection in GUI
  • [All] Protocol decoders: 4wire SPI decoder added
  • [All] Protocol decoders: input source selection
  • [All] Logic analyzer: waves can be repositioned
  • [All] Protocol decoders: plugins working on Win,Lin,OSX,Android
  • [All] Protocol decoders: 3wire SPI decoder added
  • [All] Protocol decoders: working for Scope and LA mode
  • [All] Protocol decoders: I2C decoder added
  • [All] Protocol decoders: plugin-based auto-detection
  • [All] Protocol decoders: basic architecture
  • [All] AWG minimal samples down to 20
  • [All] Properly initialize digital trigger indicators
  • [All] Consider viewport zooming as an indication that the panorama is desired
  • [All] Get protocol decoder from dropbox or ~/LabNation/Plugins
  • [All] Fetch entire RAM when scope is stopped

  • [All] Better font and image rendering and restored transparency where it broke (i.e. side menu)

  • [Android] Added multi-resolution resources to ensure Google Play accepts tablet compatibility

  • [All] Timebar waveforms working for SmartScope in LA mode
  • [All] Timebar logic analyser waveforms scaling properly
  • [All] Fix bug where you can't shrink acqbuf when the viewport spans length equals acquisition length
  • [MacOS] Graceful quit when quitting app through OS
  • [All] Show error interval for frequency measurement
  • [All] Fix pinch gesture center retention
  • [All] Grid ticks correctly placed when panning viewfinder futher than 1 viewport length from time origin
  • [All] Restore Y-offset of analog channels
  • [All] Fix on zooming LA waves
  • [All] Logic Analyser trigger fix
    • wouldn't trigger when leaving scope mode triggering on ch B
    • Hold off was incorrect
  • [Android] In-app update for direct APK installs
  • [All] Scope disconnect issue
  • [All] Settings persistence
  • [All] Switched to 8 vertical division instead of 10 to comply with traditional scopes
  • [All] All types of zooming now have same max limit of 5V/div
  • [All] Vertical offset cannot be set out of range anymore
  • [All] Trigger level clipped to effective range
  • [All] Indicator stickyness settable to major/minor/no ticks
  • [All] Support AWG from CSV through dropbox
  • [All] Probe scale factor correction
  • [All] Frequency measurement improved (2 cycles is enough for a frequency detection)
  • [All] Full usage of RAM / implemented overview timebar
  • [Windows] Don't crash when device detection fails
  • [All] Show state of trigger (armed/awaiting trigger)
  • [All] Draw lines as lines, not using triangles, resulting in thinner yet better display
  • [Windows][Mac][Linux] Use space bar to start/stop
  • [Windows][Mac][Linux] Use 'V'-key to toggle timebar
  • [Touch] Pinch gray area of timebar to resize
  • [All] Doubletap/click timebar to hide, doubletap/click top graph border to show
  • [All] Timebar better highlighting in dark mode
  • [All] Correct viewport setting when acquisition buffer increased after acquisition was stopped
  • [Windows][Mac][Linux] Use 'I' and 'O'-key to shrink/grow acquistion length
  • [All] Correctly count data refresh rate (only count newly started acquisitions)
  • [Windows][Mac][Linux] A/S/D set acquisition mode to Auto/Single/Normal
  • [All] Inversed measurement box toggle button order
  • [All] Don't show toggle button for unavailable measurement box
  • [All] DummyScope trigger fix
  • [All] Store channel coupling in settings
  • [All] Measurement box hide/show and location storage fix
  • [All] Added duty cycle measurement
  • [All] Optimised waveform measuring
  • [All] Setting to choose viewport behaviour when acquisition length is changed
  • [All] Use F2/F3/F4 to toggle measurement boxes
  • [All] Auto-update configurable and periodic (10 minutes)
  • [All] Allow timescaling when no wave on grid
  • [All] Better grid pinch / wave selection interaction
  • [Linux] Added dependency to libmono-system-numerics4.0-cil
  • [All] Logic analyser waveform drawing bugfix
  • [All] Spurious jump from LA mode back to scope mode fix

  • [Mac] Fix USB init
  • [All] Save settings

  • [Windows] Resize bug fix

  • [iOS] Device can be plugged after app started
  • [All] Avoid crashing when accessing SmartScope while/after it's being unplugged
  • [All] Fix crash sites due to IO thread changing UI
  • [iOS] compute ppi
  • [iOS] splash
  • [iOS] No letterboxing on iPhone5+
  • [All] Rolling mode enabled by default. When the time range is too large, don't try to trigger but stream data as it comes in
  • [All] Trigger vertical threshold increased to lower false positives due to noise (will be settable in future)
  • [All] Allow horizontally moving waveform after stopping acquisition (though no additional data is fetched from SmartScope yet)
  • [Linux] Udev rules use plugdev group for smartscope device
  • [All] Measurement box can be dragged away on any edge if pushed far enough
  • [All] Ending a drag gesture only taps a button if the end of the gesture happend on that button
  • [All] CSV storage doesn't crash app
  • [All] CSV storage has excel "sep=" option on first line
  • [OS X] resizing
  • [All] Make sidemenu toggle instead of only open
  • [All] Cheat sheet available from system menu
  • [All] Quit available from system menu
  • [All] False triggering should occurs far less
  • [Linux] Shutdown problem