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The battery-operated SmartScope WiFi Bridge allows you to power and use your SmartScope over a wireless or wired network connection. Because the SmartScope WiFi Bridge includes a battery, all you need to do is connect your SmartScope to the WiFi bridge and you can use any tablet/phone/PC on the network to run the GUI! The WiFi Bridge and client GUI both implement ZeroConf, which means that you don't need to input any IP address -- they will find each other automatically.

[need nice picture showing bridge+scope]

Current benefits of the SmartScope server:

  • Allows to control a SmartScope from a (non-jailbroken) iPhone/iPad. Simply download the SmartScope app from the regular AppStore, and it will connect to a SmartScopeServer running in the network!
  • Allows 9h+ of wireless connectivity to the SmartScope (full performance over WiFi)
  • In case this would not be enough, you can charge the WiFi Bridge while it is operating
  • Last but not least, you can use the SmartScope WiFi Brige as a standard USB battery pack to charge any USB device :)

Typical use-cases:

  • Cases where a wired connection is just not that practical
  • Leave your SmartScope at a test setup, and you can visualize the result from your chair
  • ...


[insert pic showing buttons]

  • USB port: this is where you connect the SmartScope
  • Test button: pressing the 'T' button will show 0 to 4 LEDs, indicating the current charge on the internal battery
  • Main switch:
    • Left position '0': WiFi bridge is off. Use this for storing the device.
    • Middle position 'C': Charger mode, see below
    • Right position 'R': Active mode, see below
  • Micro-USB port: used for charging the internal battery

Active mode

At this point, the bridge will have created a wireless network named SmartScope. Follow these remaining logical steps:

  1. Hook up a SmartScope to the USB port of the WiFi Bridge
  2. Connect any device to the SmartScope WiFi
  3. Start the SmartScope app on that device!

LED indicator

During bootup, the blue LED blinks and the green LED is off. When that has completed, the smartscope server controls the LEDs as described in the table below.

After first bootup, once the green LED is blinks at 1Hz, you're ready to connect a smartscope and start using it.

pattern meaning description
----    ----    ----
AP mode bridge acts as access point (AP) named SmartScope XXXX where XXXX is the bridge serial number
- - - - - - - - - - 
Client mode
bridge is in client mode, trying to associate and obtain an IP.
If no connection is made after 15 seconds, the bridge reverts to AP mode
--------    --------
Client mode
bridge is in client mode, associated with an access point and in possession of an IP
SmartScope connected
Smartscope is connected, but not streaming data
----    ----    ----
Smartscope connected
bridge is in client mode, associated with an access point and in possession of an IP


There's a reset button on the side of the device, which requires a paperclip or other thin pin to push.

Duration Result
< 1s Set wifi back AP mode with default SSID
> 5s Factory reset bridge and reboot

Charger mode

While in charger mode, you can connect any chargeable USB device to charge it. WiFi/CPU are disabled to conserve energy.