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In 2016, it is quite fair to assume any new Android phone/tablet is supporting USB On-The-Go. Nevertheless, on the following page you can find more information to figure out whether the SmartScope will work on your device.

Download and install the SmartScope app

The app is available for free through the Play store:

Connecting the SmartScope to your Android device

  1. Connect the central miniB port of the SmartScope using a regular miniB USB cable

  2. Connect this USB cable to your Android device using an OTG cable. Sources: Lab-Nation


  1. Start the SmartScope app, and go solve your problems!!

In case nothing happens when you connect the SmartScope

In certain versions of Android, you might have to let the phone identify the smartscope:

  • Settings -> Device Connections -> Identify USB-device
  • There you get to confirm that you want to use the Smartscope app for this USB device.