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Downloading and installing the SmartScope software on Windows

  1. Go to our main download page and download our application for Windows.
  2. Once the download is complete, run the file you just finished downloading. (note: since we haven't yet signed our program using a certificate, you might need to navigate through some warnings)
    1. Welcome screen: sit tight and click next
    2. Administration elevation: we've fully automated the process of driver installation for you, and as with any driver installation this requires administrator rights.
      Hence, click OK to proceed.
    3. That's all folks!
      Click Finish to exit the installation program.

Connecting the SmartScope to your Windows PC

  1. Connect the SmartScope's central miniB USB port with a miniB cable to your PC, as shown in the image below:
  2. Next, simply start the SmartScope application through any of these means:
    • Find the SmartScope icon on your desktop and give it a double-click
    • Hit the Start button on your keyboard, type "SmartScope" and hit enter
    • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\LabNation\SmartScope and double-click on the SmartScope.exe file

Additional step for Windows XP

On most Windows XP systems, the driver installation will not have the intended result. In this case, no SmartScope will be detected. To solve this, download and install the Zadig driver. Make sure you use the 'Zadig for Windows XP' link. In the app, ensure SmartScope is selected and hit the large 'install driver' button. After that, the SmartScope will be detected correctly in the SmartScope app.

Troubleshooting connectivity issues on Windows

Whenever in doubt, please go through the steps below and let us know in the forum where things go wrong.

Trivial suggestions

  • Make sure you're using the miniB port as shown in the image above, and not the microB port on the side
  • Try out whether another USB cable might help
  • Try out different USB ports on the PC
  • Try out with a different PC/host

More advanced steps

  • Download and install the latest software from the LabNation download page
  • In the main menu, select System -> Install driver, and restart the application. Make sure you have administrator rights (which you need to install any new hardware)
  • Open up the Device Manager, eg as explained on this page, and check whether the SmartScope is shown as in the image below


Getting help

If these steps didn't solve your problems, by all means let us know at the LabNation forum. Please make sure you include in your post:

  • that you've gone through the steps above
  • whether and how the SmartScope is showing up in the Device Manager
  • if you hear a USB connection sound when you plug/unplug the SmartScope